Seminar: Nordic Art Education in Motion

Seminar 26.2.2020, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Espoo, Finland

The seminar discusses international perspectives in art education and highlights Nordplus theme: Digital competences and computational thinking: preparing children, young people and adults for a digitalized society.

You are welcome to join us in Espoo, Finland!

Seminar is organized by Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland, Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education Master’s Programme and EDDA Norden Art Education Network. If you are a teacher in EDDA Norden partner university and come outside Finland, you may apply for EDDA mobility funding.

Time: Wed 26.2.2020 9:00-17:00
Place: Aalto University, Otaniemi campus, A Grid: Jeti, A208D, Espoo, Finland

For more info and signing up by 21.2.2020 : nova-arts(at)
Seminar is in English and free of charge.

Logos of Aalto University, Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA), Edda Norden and Nordplus

Program of the day

Starting with introductions


Student perspectives on Nordic collaboration

Kenneth Lundin, Finnish National Agency for Education
Nordplus and Nordic Master Supporting Nordic-Baltic Educational Collaboration

Sanna Reponen, Mehackit
Let Me Hack It – an edtech approach to creative programming in the classroom

12:00-13 LUNCH (at own cost)

Juuso Tervo, Aalto University
Art education historiography after archive fever

Tomi Slotte Dufva, Aalto University
Digital futures in postnormal times

14:30-15:00 BREAK

Eva Durall, Aalto University, Media lab
STEAM education: presentation of ongoing research and innovation projects in non-formal and formal education

Mira Kallio-Tavin, Aalto University
Nordic art education and its research in motion

16:30-17 Collaborative wrap up and future insights


Face portrait of Kennet Lundin

Kenneth Lundin

Kenneth Lundin works as a Programme Manager at EDUFI (Opetushallitus), responsible for the administration of Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding programmes for Higher Education, Nordplus and Nordic Master.

Portrait of Sanna Reponen

Sanna Reponen

Sanna, CTO at Mehackit, is a technology educator and designer with a special interest in the boundaries of formal and informal learning. She has a background in learning product development and hands-on facilitation work with all kinds of audiences eg. at Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre. As a cross-curricular professional she has been equally at home designing digital learning prototypes in the Learning Environments research group at Aalto University, or organizing the first Mini Maker Faires in Finland with Wärk Association.

Sanna has Master’s Degrees in Musicology and New Media Design and Production.


Face portrait of Tomi Slotte Dufva

Tomi Slotte Dufva

Tomi Slotte Dufva (Doctor of Art) works as a university lecturer at Aalto University, specialising in emerging practices within art education. Slotte Dufva artistic work focuses primarily on the intersections between art, technology and science. He is the co-founder of art & craft school Robotti, which combines technology and art. Slotte Dufva’s research revolves around the topics of post-digital art, embodied digitality, art and tech, and societal, philosophical and cultural issues within AI and digitality.

Tomi Slotte Dufva

Portrait of Juuso Tervo

Juuso Tervo

Photo: Jella Bertell

Juuso Tervo works as a University Lecturer and the Director of University-Wide Art Studies at Aalto University. His research and writing combine historical, philosophical, and political inquiries in art and education, drawing from fields such as literary theory, poetics, theology, philosophy of education, and philosophy of history. He received his PhD in Arts Administration, Education and Policy from The Ohio State University in 2014.

Juuso Tervo

Portrait of Eeva Durall

Eeva Durall

Eva Durall is a postdoctoral researcher at the learning environments research group at Medialab (Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture). Her research interest is the design of learning environments and scenarios mediated by technology, with particular emphasis on supporting reflection, self-regulation and collaboration. Eva’s current research lines focus on the use of participatory and co-design methods in learning and education. Eva has participated in several research and innovation projects dealing with the use of ICT in Higher and Primary Education, as well as in informal and non-formal learning. She has also coordinated international reports on technology forecasts in learning and education, as well as co-design processes in learning design.

Eva Durall research

Portrait of Mira Kallio-Tavin

Mira Kallio-Tavin

Associate professor Mira Kallio-Tavin (Doctor or Arts), is the Head of Research in the Department of Art in Aalto University, Finland. She focuses her research on critical artistic and arts-based practices and research in questions of diversity, disability studies, social justice and critical animal studies. She is a World Councilor of InSEA (International Society for Education Through Art), the Chair of disability studies in art education (DSAE) interest group in the NAEA (National Art Education Association) in the United States, the founder of the International DSAE conference, and the founder of Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA) master’s program. She is the author and editor of six books, and editor of journals Research in Art Education (principle editor) and The International Journal of Education through Art (editor).

Mira Kallio-Tavin research