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Miran kuva       

Mira Kallio-Tavin

works as a senior university lecturer of international art education at Aalto University. She has worked as an art educator in comprehensive schools, upper secondary, and higher education. In her current position she has introduced and employed international approaches to Finnish art education. Her research area focuses on questions of diversity, social justice, embodiment and disability studies, and on the relationship of education and gaming. She is working actively in an international research group, looking at young people non/informal visual activities. She has developing arts-based research methodology within social contexts and in relation to the questions of dialogue, community, ethics and philosophy of education. She is the chair of the Finnish InSEA (International Society for Education through Art), and chair and program head of the international Master’s degree program Nordic Visual studies and Art education, NoVA.

Juuso Tervo
is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Art. He received his BA and MA in art education from Aalto University and PhD in arts administration, education, and policy from The Ohio State University. His research focuses on continental political philosophy, politics and aesthetics, and experimental forms of theorization. He has teaching experience from first and secondary level as well as from higher education in Finland and in the United States. At the moment, he is developing an international, web-based journal on art, politics, and education (www.apejournal.com) and working on a research project on radical political ontologies for art and education.

Minna Suoniemi
is a media artist and currently working as a lecturer in media pedagogy at the department of art, Aalto University. She has worked as an art educator widely from pre-school level to high school and adult education, latest as a lecturer in fine art at Tampere University of applied sciences, with the focus area of contemporary art practices and artist¹s professional practices. In her current position she¹s interested in developing the interaction between art education and contemporary art as well as introducing contemporary artistic practices as a pedagogic approach. Her interests include the digitalization of society and education and the consequences of this change to human existence. Her video and film work has been shown extensively in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, Asia and Americas, and is in the collection of several museums and the State collection in Finland. She is a member of the National audiovisual art committee.

Taneli Tuovinen
is a lecturer with tenure in art education at Aalto University. He has worked as an art educator in comprehensive schools, upper secondary, and higher education. In his current position as a lecturer of interdisciplinary arts pedagogy he has employed interdisciplinary approaches to art education and its research practices. He just edited a book the roots of Finnish art education movement. He is a co-editor in a international publication about contemporary art-education research that is to be published in summer 2015. He is writing a dissertation under a theme of visual thinking. His other research interest relate to the question about sensology of control in social context and in artistic practices. He also has a strong background in the field of music.
Contact: onni.tuovinen(at)aalto.fi

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