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PhD Hannah Kaihovirta
works with ARTography and ARTology (Artist, Researcher, Teacher) research. At the moment she has a position in Arts Education at Åbo Academy University at the Faculty of Pedagogy and welfare studies in Vaasa. Hannah Kaihovirta’s research interests are Contemporary Art in Education, Multiliteracy Learning and the Poetic Aspects of Contemporary Art Practices in Educational Settings. She has developed teaching and participating artist methods for arts based learning practices in various forms of communities. Her research is brought to view through publications, international research networks, artist research practice and exhibitions. Hannah Kaihovirta gives lectures and workshops in teacher as well as artist education. She is a supervisor for PhD, MA and BA thesis in education and art education. She does companion art and learning practices together with artists, researchers and teachers.


Minna Rimpilä
is a basic education teacher and teacher educator mentor at Vasa Övninggskola, which is connected to Åbo Akademi University. She is an art teacher in basic education (class 1-9) at Vasa Övninggskola and does collaboration with research and school development projects with Hannah Kaihovirta, department of art education at Åbo Akademi University. The current project deals with 1:1 computing in basic education art education. The research theme in the current project is fictional identities as a digital learning arena in art education.

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