University of Umeå (P)

The Department of Creative Studies offers education in art, media, music, woodwork and metalwork, textile craft and movement and dance. We offer specialisations for people who want to qualify as teachers of art, media, music or handicraft (textile, wood and metal) for upper secondary pupils and higher age groups. We also have courses in several aesthetic sub-jects aimed at preschools, leisure-time centres and early age groups in primary schools. The specialisations in art, music and handicraft are also available as distance courses. In the De-partment of Creative Studies there are doctoral students and researchers in a number of areas connected with the various different aesthetic studies. The researchers also teach on the courses that the Department is responsible for. All the teaching premises are specially designed with modern equipment for each education’s needs and are very centrally located in the Teacher Education Building on Umeå University’s campus.

Regarding future Edda Norden activities in connection to spring activities we don´t give intensive courses 1 – 5 weeks, but of course would welcome students following parts of courses in Art that focuses on i. e. photo, moving images, 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, digital images or Art pedagogy.

The english traduction of our courses were not searchable right now so I will have to come back with that information later on!

Visiting teachers with specialities can co-work with our staaf in congaing courses, making guest-lecturing and also presentations for our staaf or to the Humanistic faculty that we are a part of.

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