Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, Espoo Network coordinators

Jaana Brinck, jaana.brinck(at) (academic coordinator)
Hanna Karkku, hanna.karkku(at) (administrative coordinator)
Eveliina Kuosmanen, eveliina.kuosmanen(at) (scholarship payments)

University of Lapland, Rovaniemi
Elina Härkönen, elina.harkonen(at) (contact person)

Åbo Academy in Vasa
Johan Vikström, johan.v.vikstrom(at) (contact person)

Aalborg University,
Department of Communication and Psychology
Mie Buhl, mib(at) (contact person)

Oslo Metropolitan University (NO-OsloMet)
Elisabeth Schjønsby, elsc(at) (contact person)
Laila Belinda Fauske, lailaf(at) (contact person)

University of Gothenburg, School of Design and Crafts
Tarja Häikiö, tarja.haikio(at) (contact person)

Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design
Anette Göthlund, anette.gothlund(at) (contact person)
Carolina Setterberg, carolina.setterberg(at) (contact person)

Umeå University
Anna Widén, anna.widen(at) (contact person)
Frida Marklund, frida.marklund(at) (contact person)
Stina Wikberg, stina.wikberg(at) (contact person)

Estonian Academy of Arts
Helen Arov,  helen.arov(at) (contact person)
Anneli Porri, anneli.porri(at) (contact person)

Vilnius Academy of Art
Ričardas Bartkevičius, ricardas.bartkevicius(at) (contact person)

Šiauliai University
Edita Musneckiene, edita.musneckiene(at) (contact person)

Iceland Academy of the Arts
Ingimar Waage, ingimar(at) (contact person)

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