Konstfack (P)

Konstfack is the largest university college of arts, crafts and design in Sweden. Each year almost 1000 students are enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, Teacher Education programs and Professional courses.

Department of Visual Arts Education The Department of Visual Arts Education offers two teacher education programs. One is a 5-year education for students who want to become teachers at upper secondary level, with Visual Arts as main subject and Media or Design as second subject. The other is a 4 ½ -year education to become teacher at secondary level, with Visual Arts and Sloyd (Crafts). During the education the studies of Art/Media, Art/Design or Art/Sloyd are mixed with Core Educational Subjects which include pedagogics and didactic studies, and Internship at schools.

Courses in Visual Arts Education, Higher education and Continuing Professional Development are also offered at the department.

International University College Konstfack is a university college with an international character. The internationalisation work contributes to the exchange of knowledge and increases understanding between countries, cultures and religions. In addition it will prepare you as a student for the world as your arena. Konstfack has exchange agreements and joint projects with some 60 universities and colleges in more than 25 countries.

Workshops There is probably no other art and design university college in Europe with such well-equipped workshops as Konstfack. These include computer labs, woodwork and metalwork shops, screen-printing and textile printing facilities, weaving room, color workshop, graphics workshop, photographic and TV studios, glassworks, ceramics workshop and studios for sculpture and painting. The workshops allow crafts to be produced in many different materials and allow you to use experimental, and sometimes high-tech methods, to challenge existing boundaries.

Library Konstfack has one of Sweden’s largest art and design libraries. The main goal is to be a strategic informational and inspirational resource for students and staff. The library provides books – and course literature – databases, and print and electronic journals. The library also has a materials library with samples that can be borrowed, and a video collection with art videos that can be viewed in the library. The library staff provides professional search guidance and training in information retrieval, both individually and in groups.

The Konstfack building – part of the Swedish industrial history In 2004, Konstfack moved to Telefonplan, just south of Stockholm city center. Our building is the former Ericsson telephone factory which has been converted into a 20,300 square meter art and design university college. The first space you encounter when entering Konstfack is Vita Havet which constantly changes its appearance as new exhibitions and projects come and go. There is also a gallery for exhibiting the students’ own works.

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