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Helen Arov
Helen Arov (b. 1990) is the head of the Art Education department in Estonian Academy of Arts and an art teacher. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of University of Tartu (BA in Painting 2012) and The Faculty of Art Culture of Estonian Academy of Arts (MA in Teacher of Art 2014). Her current research is focused on supporting learning skills in art lessons and the relations between learning skills and learning motivation.
Contact: helen.arov(at)artun.ee

Anneli Porri
Anneli Porri (b. 1980) is an art historian and freelance art critic, based in Tallinn. She graduted from the Institute of Art History of the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA in Art History 2002) and Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn university (MA in Cultural Theory 2012). She works in the Estonian Academy of Art as a lecturer. Anneli Porri has also curated exhibitions involving mainly young artists, edited art publications and written critique for the weekly newspaper Sirp and other publications. Her current research is focused on appropriation in visual culture and the possibilities of using the analysis of an artwork in art education.
Contact: anneli.porri(at)artun.ee

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