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Pia Bohlin
Senior Lecturer in Art Didactics
Pia has been employed at the Art Teacher Training Program at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm since 1991. She has also had an assignment at The National Agency for Education as a course syllabus expert and an assignment at The Swedish Higher Education Authority in quality audits of applications for educational certificates. Her main task at the education is to problematize, concretize and develop the subject didactics regarding history, traditions and contemporary perspectives. An important issue is also to integrate the didactics with other theories in the education and the practical studio work. An essential question is to interpret the specific knowledge qualities in the art subject into a useful and everyday language and transform the course syllabus for compulsory school and upper secondary school into holistic oriented teaching and grading. Pia works in first-cycle courses and study programmes, teaching and learning in higher education, continuing professional development and contract education.
Contact: pia.bohlin(at)konstfack.se

Patrik Gustavsson
Visiting Lecturer
Patrik has a Master’s degree (2000) from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. He also has a Master of Education for the Upper Secondary School (2013) from Stockholm University. He is a design teacher with a specialization in a variety of sculptural and quaint methods such as CAD technology, modeling, molding and casting, sculpture, model engineering and prototyping, drawing techniques and projection learning, drawing, color theory and painting, wood technology, furniture design and spatial design.
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Anette Göthlund
Anette has been professor at the Department of Visual Arts Education since 2005. She holds a PhD in Communication from Linköping University and the interdisciplinary research department Tema Kommunikation (1997). With a background in Art history and visual culture studies, her research has combined this with youth culture, gender studies and ethnography. Recent research projects focus on knowledge, performativity and location. Teaching is focused on research methodologies, theory, visual culture and visual ethnography.
Contact: anette.gothlund(at)konstfack.se 
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Annika Hellman
Visiting Lecturer
Annika is at present a PhD student at the University of Gothenburg in the Department of Education, Communication and Learning. She completed her licentiate thesis, Intermezzo in media education. Upper secondary pupils´ visual voices and subject positions in 2013. The thesis is focusing on pupils perspective on education and the movement of subject positions, using video diary as a visual method. Her current research interests are mainly space and gender; how masculinity is constructed within visual art education. Annika has a background as a teacher of Visual arts and media in upper secondary school.
Contact: annika.hellman(at)konstfack.se

Siri Homlong
Senior Lecturer in Sloyd
Siri has a PhD in textile. Her dissertation “The Language of Textiles” (2006) is a survey of which words/terms are being used to describe textile patterns, and how various reviews are made when designers, textile teachers, consumers and schoolchildren (70 respondents) are introduced to seven textile patterns. A modified repertory grid method was used in the study and the purpose of the study was to find different ways to describe textile patterns and to understand how aesthetic judgments are formed. As part of the dissertation she presented the licentiate thesis “The Old Amish Quilt” which studied the color and shape of a sample of quilts made by women belonging to a strict religious group in Pennsylvania, USA. Her ongoing project “Who will make that ugly stuff” is about embroidery as an activity. It is a study based on interviews with embroidery groups working on their own expressions in embroidery, as well as analysis of blog posts from buyers of finished embroidery patterns. She is an editorial member of FORMakademisk (www.formakademisk.org) and a presidium member of NordFo. NordFo promotes different kinds of cooperation between the Teacher Education Programmes in the Nordic countries. The aim of NordFo is to initiate, stimulate and report research and development as well as to train teachers within the subjects forming, needlework and sloyd (www.nordfo.org). Siri is responsible for courses in sloyd within the Teacher Education Programme and teaches courses in textile design and craft.
Contact: siri.homlong(at)konstfack.se

Kenneth Karlsson
Lecturer in Art History and Visual Studies
Kenneth teaches and leads degree projects and courses in theory of knowledge, art theory, art history, contemporary art and visual culture. He is also tutoring students when they are writing reports and papers. His research fields include aesthetics and art theory, photography with main focus on fashion photography. Kenneth is also a “glad lax” (“happy salmon” = “wisecracker”).
Contact: kenneth.karlsson@konstfack.se

Ulla Lind
Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture and Learning
Ulla has a PhD in Educational Studies. Trained as an Art teacher her research background is in Child and Youth Studies, Art Education, archived and contemporary child drawings as visual, cultural and social history. Her current research interests also include performative social science, learning in and with visual culture and post-humanist educational philosophy. Responsible for advanced courses in education as well as the new master’s program Visual Culture and learning with specialization in Art Education.
Contact: ulla.lind(at)konstfack.se

Annika Sandahl
Visiting Lecturer in Digital Media
Annika is a qualified teacher of Visual Arts and English. In her teaching she always makes sure to have a distinct didactic connection to her work. Her areas of competence include imaging and how to use imaging in schools as well as how and why one uses digital media when teaching. Annika also teaches at the undergraduate level in visual communication and visual cultures.
Contact: annika.sandahl(at)konstfack.se

Kajsa Tegnér
Senior Lecturer in Education
Kajsa runs courses in Core Educational Subject, such as Participation, School, Society. She also runs a Course in Pedagogy for Teachers in Higher Education. In the past she has worked with issues of organizational development, especially school development and she is writing her thesis in pedagogy close to this field.
Her research interest lies in how it is possible for the teacher to talk – and think-about how individuals are doing power and knowledge in the pedagogical context. The point of departure is that the process of making new meaning benefits from the structures of equality that individuals are doing within the organization; between and within themselves. She uses the good examples to overcome the patterns of hopelessness that otherwise work as a strong patriarchal structure that keep individuals in a state of inactivity and ineffectiveness; that there is no use to strengthen the structures of democracy, equality and non-violence. Such a good example is when the staff at a school in Sweden, Frejaskolan in Gnesta, educated
themselves and the pupils in issues of power/knowledge, they overcame patterns of gendered bullying and as an outcome the grades of the boys increased. Kajsa believes that the school as a societal institution has an extraordinary possibility to highlight their own use of power and language as a condition for learning. In this aspect they can set an example for others in the society how it is possible to think and talk about this in a way that is constructive and “not too critical to be meaningful”. Within Konstfack teachers and students have started to educate themselves in these issues, and the term norm creativity is used as a leading concept.
Contact: kajsa.tegner(at)konstfack.se

Lisa Öhman
Head of the Department of Visual Arts Education
Lisa has a PhD in Didactic Science. She also teaches and is active as a tutor at the department. Mainly, she is concerned with questions and research about moving images, new media and learning. Her doctoral thesis, Ambiguous Images  –Representation and meaning in young girls’ film making, is focused on young girls’ film production as a platform for identity work and learning. Lisa is part of The Scandinavian Network for Research in Multimodality, Moving Images and Moving Image Production and is active in the networks of InSEA (The International Society of Education Through Art), UNESCO.
Contact: lisa.ohman(at)konstfack.se

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