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Timo Jokela
Timo Jokela is as a professor of Art Education at the University of Lapland and  dean of the Faculty of Art and Design. His theoretical academic studies focus on phenomenological relationship between art and nature, environmental art, community art and art education. Jokela works actively as an environmental artist, often using natural materials, wood, snow, ice, or the local cultural heritage as a starting point for his works.
Contact: timo.jokela(at)ulapland.fi

Mirja Hiltunen
Mirja Hiltunen (Docent, Doctor of Art, M.Ed.) is a professor of Art Education at the University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design. She has elaborated a performative art strategy as part of her work in art teacher education. During the past twenty  years, she has organized and guided several community-based art workshops and projects in Lapland. Her research focuses on community based art education in a northern socio-cultural environment. The place-specificity, performativity, and social dimensions of art are of particular interest to her and she has published numerous papers and articles on the topic.
Contact: mirja.hiltunen(at)ulapland.fi

Anniina Koivurova,
University Lecturer in Art Education
Anniina is a D.A. in Art and Design, art education. In her thesis (Drawing the line. Accepted and rejected pictures in the social space of the art lesson. 2010, in Finnsh) she studies the explicit and implicit power, responsibility, restrictions and possibilities of Finnish comprehensive school art education as part of building up the identity and world view of young people. The study is based on 111 stories and pictures, which were collected during the seventh grade students’ art lessons using a modified empathy-based method. The study examines the students’ verbal and visual representations to see how they experience school and art lessons as a culturally, socially and normatively significant space. The thesis provides information about students’ conceptions of art and education and of art lessons as a learning situation. In her current work she teaches picture analysis, museum pedagogics (together with Rovaniemi art museum staff), upper secondary comprehensive school art pedagogics and field practice, teacher portfolio, and holds bachelor studies seminar.

Contact: Anniina.Koivurova(at)ulapland.fi

Maria Huhmarniemi
Maria Huhmarniemi has a Master’s degree in art education. She is a PhD student in the faculty of Art and Desing researching art-research collaborations in environmental issues. She has worked in the department of art education since 2002.  Her main task at education are in Art, Community and Environmental studies, in Arctic Art and Design Masters´program and in project-based studies. She is also working as a visual artist and caring out projects developing applied visual arts and artist´s involvement with environmental and social sector.
Contact: maria.huhmarniemi(at)ulapland.fi

Annamari Manninen
is a lecturer on media education and digital media (in the department of art Education) and PhD student in art education degree program at Lapland University. She has a MA degree in art education and has a background as a teacher of Visual art and media in upper secondary school and art school for children and youth. Her thesis focused on pupils perspective on identity and contemporary art, using blogs as a learning environment. She has a particular interest in children and young people producing their own media content and what it can contribute to learning. Mainly, she is concerned with questions and research about moving images, visual storytelling, new media and learning.
Contact: annamari.manninen(at)ulapland.fi

Elina HärkönenKuvankaappaus 2015-3-27 kello 15.01.52
(MA, M.Ed) works as a coordinator in the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Lapland. Currently she works in the Faculty’s project planning and execution, international relations and art education department. She holds a Masters degree in Arts and in intercultural teacher Education. For her art education masters she studied the motives of participation in community-based art education. Before joining University of Lapland she has been working several years as an Elementary School teacher and an art educator
Contact: elina.harkonen(at)ulapland.fi

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