Telemark University College (P)

Information about TUC and the Institute of Art and Design

Telemark University College (TUC), (Høgskolen i Telemark or HiT in Norwegian) is a state university college and has approximately 6 500 students. TUC is a not for profit organisation based in the South-Eastern part of Norway. TUC has campuses in Bø, Notodden, Porsgrunn, at Rauland and in Drammen, and offers a broad range of academic opportunities at bachelor’s-, master’s- and Ph.D-level.

The three pillars of the TUC activities are education, research and dissemination

TUC’s main ambition is to be granted full university accreditation before 2016. This will add to the wealth of academic and research opportunities in Telemark.

Institute of Art and Design At Notodden you will find the institute of Art and Design. The Institute offers education in art, design and crafts geared toward careers in teaching and private performing arts. We have very good workshops for students both for practical, creative and theoretical work. Working with digital skills is used in all studies.

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